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Hello! My name is Maryam. Let's be friends!

Hello! My name is Maryam. Let’s be friends!

Alhumdulillah we are so excited to introduce to you the new Maryam plush doll – which is one of The Littles Family toy series by the Maysoor Arabiyyah company.

We can’t stress enough how important family is, and how we should spend the prescribed amount of time with them as the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him:

Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) said: It was part of his character that He (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) treated people kindly and was always cheerful. He would joke with his family and be gentle with them; he will spend generously on them and joke with his wives … His wives would gather every night in the house of the one with whom the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was staying that night, and sometimes he would eat supper with them, then each of them would go to her own house and he would sleep with the wife (in whose house he was staying the night) under one blanket; he would take off his upper garment and sleep in his lower garment. When he had prayed ‘Isha’, he would go into his house and stay up for a little while with his family before sleeping, to cheer them up; (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) Tafseer Ibn Katheer, 2/242

The Littles is a toy family consisting of Baba, Ammi, Maryam, Zakariyyah, and Ruqayyah. The company also has a youTube channel that they have launched in tandem with the plush dolls, teaching children proper Arabic. The Maysoor company, after all, is primarily one providing online Arabic language courses to non-Arabic speakers.

It’s a very smart move for them to have launched The Littles toys, reaching into another category.

(Check out their courses here!)

We got our hands on Maryam – a very cute, cuddly and pink Littles muslima. We picked her because she is pink. According to our Senior Tot Battery Director, L, it’s most important to pick pink, because it is by far “the best color in the whole-wide-world!”

Ok L.

It was fun playing with Maryam!  She was dragged everywhere around the house – of course our professional “Baby Battery Test” was performed well by one of our 9 month old staff members, B.

Maryam made sure to keep B’s balance, catching her when she stumbled and fell when walking. It’s so great that Maryam is 15 inches tall, almost half of which is her soft, cute head – a perfect size for a cuddle buddy, baby face planting and teething.

The fabric used for the head and body feels like a velvet-y, velour type polyester, while the clothes are soft and light. The Littles’  faces – brows, eyes, nose, and smile – are embroidered on, as well as Maryam’s flower accessory, so there are no choking pieces to fall out. Her hijab is also sewn on and part of her head – it is to be determined if this is a plus or not.

The Maryam doll’s clothes however are not sewn onto the body, as well as her pink scarf – this may indicate that there could be interchangeable clothing options in the near future for a more interactive playtime…just a possibility.

Though the doll is cute as a whole, there are a few thoughts we had that could help improve the product. 

  1. The body, sans legs and feet, is flesh tone. It may be best to either make it gray from her legs, or pink. The flesh body color made the doll seem “naked”, though it is just a toy. The idea behind the dolls is to help promote modesty, and we believe making this change will help.
  2. We were disappointed that the brand did not carry on to packaging when we un-boxed the product. To us, knowing the brand through its presentation – the “ta-da” and “wow!” first impressions, per se – makes such an impact, especially when children are involved. It would definitely benefit the company to follow through with their branding, especially when the amazon listing includes it – an unexpected surprise.
  3. Last, it would be a nice personalized touch if they would include, within a note, what the dolls are supposed to represent. Maybe a brief “thank you for your purchase” as well can make a big difference to the company’s target audience, while also creating loyalty.

Though its branding and design needs carrying through, they were not enough to dissuade the instant love our 4 year and 9 month old staff members gained towards Maryam – love at first site!

After a month and a half of gruesome teething, games of catch, impact tests, dragging, and important tea time appearances, Maryam needed a spa treatment.

We couldn’t find proper cleaning directions both on Amazon and their website, so we did some research on the best method to clean synthetic plush dolls. We found that it was okay to run Maryam through regular cycle with warm water, any laundry detergent and fabric softner, then hung up to dry. Easy toy care is such a plus to busy parents!

We give two adult and two kids thumbs ups rating for Maryam

**Foot note:  Maryam had the opportunity to take a bubble bath, however the juice accrued during “white glove” tea was hard to get out. A cycle in the washing machine was enough to help her get cleaned, good as new.**

Here are their social media links:

Psssst! Here’s a preview of Baba & Ammi 😉 What great gifts for any occasion! Will they have space in your child’s toy box? Let us know in the comments section!

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