Book Review: Children’s Literature – “Go Away Bad Mood” Written by Nayera Salam Illustrations by Elsa Estrada

A good children’s book is a bit hard to find for our family, because we’re pretty finicky with the literature we want to read our kids. We keep a few prerequisites in mind such as whether or not it goes against Islamic teachings, context and lessons to take away. Not to mention the ability to grab the attention of a child between the ages of two to five years, and aesthetics.

Go Away Bad Mood” by Nayera Salam, illustrated by Elsa Estrada, hit all of the marks!

The 24 page story book is about an “irritable…crabby…gloomy guy,” aptly named “Bad Mood.” Who, during his adventure for the day, tries to interact with other characters he passes – dogs, birds, squirrels – whose sole mission is to “make…creatures grumpy…sad…scream and cry.”

 “Bad Mood, Bad Mood go away and never, ever come back!”

Bad Mood sad...

Bad Mood sad…

This rhyming book held such caliber as (dare we say) Dr. Seuss “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” to read with our child. It is well structured in its rhythm and rhyme, as well as in the way the story unfolds – teaching early readers to change one’s attitude, becoming a more positive and enjoyable individual.

We were very much impressed with the classic style of drawing of characters and scenes. The use of earth tones came to be cheerful and cohesive with the portrayal of the characters’ emotions. Best of all, the illustrator, Elsa Estrada, was able to incorporate the idea of playfulness and silliness, without having to use bright, neon colors and harsh tones.

The Author (et al.) even included a fun puzzle for the kids as an added BONUS.

We enjoyed reading it so much, we may have done so about seven times, during one sitting, before bed time!

Published by Prolance

Published by Prolance

This book is a MUST read for the family. We give it two adult, and two kids thumbs ups!

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