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When it comes to teaching tajweed, there are particular rules that may be complicated and hard to remember for our children. It may become daunting and frustrating for both children and parents. By Allah’s will, Olive Tree Study has made learning tajweed (Qur’anic recitation) much easier with their system.

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Sr. Taheera Akhter, the Founder of Olive Tree Study in the UK is changing the way tajweed is learned in their weekend school.

They use nasheed (acapella) songs that her and her team produced, which are easy to follow because of its catchy harmonizations. After literally a couple of playbacks of Best Friends Meem & Nuun nasheed, our senior child tester picked up the nasalization of Arabic letters meem and nuun mushaddah!

Listen to a few of their tracks below!

The tracks all follow Islamic guidelines regarding music, which is acapella alone or with the use of percussions. The harmony is also easy to follow along with the lyrics of the song, creating a nice and relaxing music for the children to hear. It is also calming that it doesn’t become a distraction or source of noise while being exciting and fun enough for the children’s to designate their attention to.

The only criticisms we could give is that because the singers have strong, British accents, it could be difficult for some to pick up on certain words within the lyrics, such as always and ghunnah. It would be great if the company also had some intro to Arabic accents included for children as well as reverted [or converted] Muslims, in sha Allah, because knowing the letters and accents that are used to form the Arabic words are vital to learning tajweed.

All-in-all, it’s a great collection of nasheeds to get your children started in their Islamic learning path. With great melodies to follow, Olive Tree Study made it even easier to memorize nasheed rules.

Visit Olive Tree Study and purchase their CDs!

Originally posted 2017-02-26 18:07:00.

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August 13, 2017