“You know you’re a mom when…” Muslim Mommies Complete this Sentence – Find out what these awesome Mommy Bloggers wrote


You know you are a mom when you tip toe and ghost walk the house and celebrate your success if the little one doesnt wake up when you accidentally make some noise

— Hina Nefe, www.hinasworld.com


Before our trip to San Francisco, I made a query to my fellow Muslim Mommy Bloggers in a trusted Facebook group called Muslimah Bloggers, which is an extension of their website.

And once we came back I wrote this article on Buzzfeed [no affliation] about the Victoria Beckham backlash. Oh-em-gee!

Our trip was so fun, and we are so thankful to have been able to stay at my husband’s second family’s home – this wonderful family who used to take care of him when he was a wee lad – as well as to have attended my revert girlfriend’s wedding.

Congrats guys!

Well now, prepare to laugh and awe people, because here’s what these awesome mommies had to say:

You know you’re a mum when you wake up at 6 every morning to do arts and crafts or read a trillion different picture books.

— Umm Yusra | https://gildeddunya.com/

You know you’re a muslim artist when you cut out every islamic pattern you find, in the most random magazines/books ever. But then you know you’re a mum of an infant because half of those patterns are already full of baby saliva now.

— Ayeina | www.ayeina.com

You know you’re a mum when your food is eaten in one of two varieties: cold and ice-cold

You know you’re a mum when you find weird and random objects (toys, plasters, lego blocks, socks, colour pencils) in your handbag.

You know you’re a mum (of a boy) when you can name the fastest 3 cars ever built.

You know you’re a mum when you always have wet-wipes within reaching distance.

— Ayesha Desai | raisingyoungbelievers.wordpress.com

You know you’re a mommy blogger when your little one wakes you up to be fed in the middle of the night and then you struggle going back to sleep so you start writing a blog post on the phone instead, until you finally fall asleep again!

— Fatima | www.blogsbyfa.com

You know you are a mom when you see your new born baby for the first time.. and you know you are a mother when you see every child as your own…

— khyra-page.blogspot.com

You know you are a mom when you remember your kids name the first thing in DUA(supplications).

— ummeummah.blogspot.com & mydatahir.com

You know you’re a mom of little ones when you panic and wonder what they’re messing up when it’s unusually quiet.

— Um Ibrahim | muslimmothersource.com

You know you’re a mum when you see your kid smile with sparkling eyes and it fills your heart with happiness.

— Irum | www.irumirshad.wordpress.com

You know you’re a mummy blogger when you’d rather catch up on emails/social media/blog than go to sleep.

You know you’re a mother when the reason behind your smile is your child/ren.

— NillyDahlia | https://www.youtube.com/c/NillyDahlia

You know you are a mom when you save empty nugget cartons to hide candy in.

You know you’re a Muslim mom when you go school hunting and note how modestly the teachers dress.

— Aysh | https://www.facebook.com/WordsNNeedles/?hc_location=ufi

You know you’re a mom when…

you keep telling your kids to stop asking your age

when you refer to your kids as “what’s your name”?

when your answer to everything is “lovely” (although you didn’t really hear the question)

— https://www.muslimahwebdesign.co.uk

You know you are a mom when silence means you have lots of cleaning up coming after.

-when blogging about diapering is like the most normal thing you do.

-when online shopping is your best friend!

-when you are more proud of first steps than of your graduation walk! 😀

-when seeing spit, poo, pee doesn’t irk you anymore.

— Shahira | www.drshahira.wordpress.com

You know you are a mom when you can’t decide with which child’s side you’ll sleep by so you take turns at night so you can have a moment of sleep hug.

-when you notice your phone is vibrating, yet you pretend you didn’t notice it so that you can help your child sleep.

-you are a wife/mom when you help find ‘it’ when ‘it’ is just in front of them.

You know -patiently match-make socks.

-when you silently admire sleeping babies.

-when you have to say ‘bye guys, I’m going!’ and they’ll follow you to picnic as well as the washroom.

— www.thinkaholicmom.com

You know you’re a mum when people think you’re talking to yourself when you’re actually talking to your baby. Lol I got strange looks for this.

— Jameela | www.ilmaeducation.com

You know you’re a Muslim mum when you find spit up (baby vomit) on your hijab.

-You know you’re a Muslim mum when you’re constantly saying alhamdulillah after your baby sneezes.

— Aaliyah | www.thelifeofaaliyah.com

You know you’re a Muslim mom when…

-at least one of your kids looks under your feet looking for Jannah.

-when you have to explain to your child that Allah can still see them even if they hide under the table 😅

— Samira | www.themuslimahguide.com

And finally, you know you’re a mom…

When you suddenly realize you sound exactly like your own mother!

— Rahila Ovais | https://www.facebook.com/HijabiMommy/

Ain’t that the truth!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I definitely got some laughs to brighten up my day, and reaffirm that I’m not alone in this Mommy Business!


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When do you know you’ve become a mommy?

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