“My success is only by Allah.

— Al Qur’an 11:88


Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Visitor!

We would like to welcome you to Muslim Mommy USA – a website dedicate to Muslims families, parents and children, as well as entrepreneurs.

Muslim Mommy USA started out as an idea to provide downloadable, printable files for children age of 3 years, and over.

Our site contains information that will [in sha Allah] help those who seek to become better parents, have a better understanding of how to improve family dynamics and interaction, positive parenting, as well as provide Muslim owned businesses proper representation as their brand ambassador.


Muslim Mommy USA’s renewed adhesion to helping Muslim families, parents, and children everywhere, have prompted us to find licensed professionals to provide our visitors valuable information on how to better improve interpersonal, marital and more positive interaction within the Muslim family unit.

Our goal is to help parents create a strong, and more open bond with their children through engaging interactions – whether it is through play by use of our learning aides, or allowing a more open child-to-parent conversation, we at Muslim Mommy USA believe it is imperative that a family unit should work together to achieve a harmonious home environment.


As business owners, we understand the frustration of finding appropriate representation for your brand. We also understand that marketing is an important aspect of running a business, and that it could get costly on your end.

We are here to help you reach our unique audience group, and let them know about what you stand for as a unique brand because we believe in helping with the growth of Muslim businesses, in sha Allah. By doing this, our Ummah benefits one another and we stand by our mission in “wanting for your brother” what we would want for our own.

If you’d like to work with Muslim Mommy USA, please visit our Contact page and click on the appropriate form to fill, in sha Allah.

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