Barakah Baby – Crib Protector Review

Potty training is coming around the corner for us, and the search for a decent crib mattress sheet is on. Between big box companies like WalMart or Target, what you mostly get are pretty run of the mill. We thought this quest was going to take us a while, and were surprised that there’s a fairly new Muslim brand out there – Barakah Baby.

barakah baby crib mattress protector review

Barakah Baby is a Muslim brand of crib mattress protector made by Sister Ifrah, ma sha Allah.

We’re really seeing a nice trend of Muslim brands spring up everywhere, alhumdulillah. It’s good to know that our Ummah are making waves, from fashion to baby items, and turning heads with alternatives to big corporations and non-Muslim brands. We’re all for it!

barakah baby front package cover review

barakah baby crib mattress protector review

Our review starts with Barakah Baby‘s packaging. Very Clean, straight forward, tells you what you’re getting without any extras to be disappointed with. A classic case of “under promise & over deliver.”

The back (front?) of the packaging is plain and showed us the product (not pictured inside). Branding & colors are on point on the front (back?), where all the print are located, as well as any claims the product was making. The logo is a cute and happy, letter “B” bunny, which told us right away that this item is expected to be nice and soft, just like a bunny’s fur.

barakah baby crib mattress protector review

You can see the close up of the fabric above that it looks velvety-soft for the top or outside part of the mattress protector. However on the bottom or inside it is a more tightly woven fabric, which has a sheen to it. We also definitely felt the thickness and weight of the sheet, and it is not at all flimsy, like any other ten dollar mattress protector you would get from big box stores – came through with its claims of “…soft, breathable and comfortable,” while being durable.

The mattress protector is also true to its claim of being “Sound Proof.” Because the fabric was not made of cheap material, it maintained its softness, while being “not crinkly.” These are definitely what parents look into when buying mattress protectors, because it results into a more comfortable, less disrupted, night’s sleep for baby and parents.

Another product claim we tested was the Barakah Baby mattress protector being “Wet Proof”.

We opened a can of Yoohoo [not aff.] and deliberately spilled it unto the fabric itself! The results will show in the video, in sha Allah.

yoohoo canned drink chocolate milk

You can see how the liquid moves around without being absorbed by the fabric. Also it beads and rolls off of it much like any liquid would on plastic. Being low maintenance is a plus for busy parents. 

We also ran the mattress protector through the heaviest cycle, under hot water, then dried it on high for 60 minutes. Crazily enough we were not surprised that the fabric experienced no tears, or fraying at the seams, ma sha Allah! Again proving that it is durable, and a well put together product – apologies for not being able to put up images.

Barakah Baby definitely stood by its claims, and proved its worth in $20 USD of value. We definitely trust in this brand, because it withstood our months of battery, and it still looks good! If our tests didn’t convince you yet, you should get one for your own crib mattress and see for yourself.

Originally posted 2017-01-11 22:43:38.

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