REVERT SERIES: Surviving Addiction and Finding Islam

 **Name has been altered for anonymity**

My name is **Sabrin. I was born and raised to a non-religious, Chinese family in England.

I have four siblings. My father left when we were very young, while my mother was very depressed and suffers from mental illness.

Our upbringing was not favorable. My mother was very distant at most, if not all of the time. There was no love, and neither was there any feeling of being wanted as a child.

 But I forgive my mother because I know life wasn’t easy for her. 

 After a bad up bringing, I ended up homeless and on drugs by the age of 15. I was roaming the streets begging for money.

Then, I became involved in a violent and drug fueled relationship with an abusive man, and was trapped for four years.

I hated my self. Hated my life. Hated being homeless.

I often hoped one day the drugs would kill me, or that I’d simply just never wake up from an overdose. I’d walk the streets all day and night looking for money.

Winter was the worse! I froze most nights wearing whatever I owned. My fingers and feet would become numb from the cold that it kept the feeling of hunger at bay, sub haan Allah.

Every time I looked in the mirror of a public bathroom at my sunken, grey face, I’d cry. I was desperate to get out but I couldn’t. I had no one and nothing.

I prayed to “God” every day for help.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just praying to something and for someone to help me. Then about four months later I met a man.

He would give me food, or a lift after I was stranded somewhere. We became very good friends and everything became easy! Our relationship quickly grew stronger, and I believe that Allah opened my heart again to him.

My husband mentioned he was Muslim a few times, and briefly said a few things about Islam, which piqued my interest. So I started searching for more answers, and looked into it on my own. 

He showed me what Islam was about without judging who I was, and what I had been through. A few months later, I had the pleasure of meeting with his Muslim family. They took me in and made me feel at home when nobody else wanted me.

It was nice to fall in love again. He let me move in with him to help me quit my drug addiction. I couldn’t believe that I would be able to recover so easily, that I never looked back.

We got married, had two children together, and our relationship couldn’t be stronger. I look back at times and I realize now that Allah answered my prayers and gave me this new life that I can appreciate, alhumdulillah!

After coming from a non-Muslim back ground, drug addiction, and being abused – Allah gave me another chance at a better life, and showed me the right path.

I’m so lucky!

Now, I’ve moved on with my life and have a much better outlook. I was able to forgive my parents and let go of my past. Those times are gone and I thank Allah for where I am today.

I’m still learning about Islam and getting to grips, but I would choose this path of Islam over hunger, drug addiction and abuse any day, alhumdulillah!

Originally posted 2016-07-18 15:00:00.

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